The Grey Wardens

“In war, victory.
In peace, vigilance.
In death, sacrifice.”

The Grey Wardens are an ancient organization of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting darkspawn in all of Thedas.

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I always wish that they’d shown the Wardens coping with all the things that they had absolutely no experience dealing with in their old life.

Like Tabris, who goes from being a second-class citizen that shem nobles can rape and abuse with impunity to someone who’s spoken to respectfully and referred to by her title or “My Lady” by shems (what), given a voice and a huge amount of influence in affairs of state (what), and eventually given command of an entire goddamned army that includes a large contingent of human nobles and their men-at-arms (WHAT).

Like Cousland, who’s gone from being the wealthy, privileged second child of the second-highest ranking noble in the kingdom to a wanted fugitive who literally escaped with about half a sovereign and the clothes on her back.

Like Amell or Surana, who only know normal society as a distant thing she may have read about in a book. She’s never needed to use money. Never cooked for herself. Never even been outside, much less slept rough or walked more than a mile. Oh, and there’s a Templar (okay, ex-Templar) who trusts her implicitly and is not only happy to follow her lead but visibly panics whenever she tries to put him in charge of anything.

Like Aeducan, who was once respected and loved and honored, her place in the world unshakably certain. Now she’s a despised outcast, a fratricide, a surfacer - and there is no Stone. No solid rock above her head, just an awful gaping emptiness; no plants and animals she recognizes; no familiar customs or sense of caste. Even the air is wrong.

Like Mahariel, cut off from her clan - her family - and dealing with nothing but shemlen and flat-ears. How do they not go mad, living in one place year after year? With a god who left them not because he had no choice, but because he was too busy sulking to care for his people? And their mages - they pen up their mages like animals and keep them from serving the community at sword-point.

Like Brosca, who goes from being an casteless thug, untouchable and lower than low, to hobnobbing with kings. No one calls her “brand” or acts as if her very presence will contaminate them. No one assumes that she’s an honorless piece of shit. She’s coming out of this a fucking hero, and won’t that chafe their noble asses?